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Caddie Woodlawn Musical

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"As cream rises to the top, so did Caddie Woodlawn... – Wisconsin News-Leader

"Young audiences adore Caddie Woodlawn!" –Springfield News-Leader

"A fine family yarn..." –Milwaukee Journal

Caddie (the iconic, high-spirited Wisconsin pioneer girl beloved by generations of readers) leads her willing siblings in a series of thrilling adventures and memorable songs. In a dramatic climax, Caddie single-handedly diffuses a potentially deadly clash between the terrified settlers and the local Dakota tribe through a daring and dangerous act. Ultimately, Caddie learns invaluable lessons about reconciling the head-strong child she’s been, and the responsible adult she is soon to be. Through it all, the sacredness of tradition – passed from one generation to the next – is powerfully dramatized. As one wise friend tells Caddie: “Families – they’re our link to forever, lass.”